TerraHubs, LLC is a FREE tool you can use to join groups, create groups, organize adventures and events, communicate with like-minded people and share your interests!

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Group Together. Adventure Together.

TerraHubs, LLC provides outdoor and sports enthusiasts a free, easy-to-use tool for organizing and getting together to do what they love the most!

Whether you are coordinating a recurring run every Wednesday, or a once a year backpacking trip, TerraHubs, LLC enables you to stay connected with other participants easily and efficiently. Group participants can create sessions, invite friends and adventure together!

The Founders

TerraHubs, LLC was founded by Dan Matriccino and the front end development and design was done by Nathan Silsbee

Dan Matriccino is always looking for the next adventure from exploring new trails on his mountain bike to running ultra marathons. Developing TerraHubs, LLC is an awesome project for him as it allows him to use his programming skills to create something that he is passionate about: people and the outdoors.